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Get all your requirements for the desired product. Whether it's a new website or a web application


Reviving the proposed solution using concrete programming languages.

The suggestion of solution

On the basis of requirements I will prepare a suggest for the resulting solution.


Suggest how your final product looks and how it will be seen by others.


Hi, my name is
Jakub Jirouš...

I have been working on the development of web applications and the world around them, for several years. I enjoy my work in this area. I like to learn to use new and modern technologies in my procedures.

I am engaged in cycling, skiing, climbing, low cost travelling, firesport and many more sport activities, in the offline world.

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I use modern technologies

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The work I am proud of

Jablotron temperature

Temperature measurement

Web application serving as a demo application for temperature measurement.

The application is built on the Nette framework, using the Nitros JS library, which replaces all AJAX requests.

The main feature is the ability to automatically generate a preset temperature range at precisely defined time intervals. All values ​​and actions are stored in the database including the logs of each event.

Realization: January 2018

Joinery Pavel Tomicek

Joinery Pavel Tomicek

New website of one of the Ponikla joinery.

The whole project was created in my own direction. The customer came up with a request for a new website and what he should do roughly contain. First, a graphic design was created and after several meetings we reached final graphical form. This was followed by a whole program's recovery with a concrete programming language and coding the graphic design into the blueprint of a website.

The web has its own administration where it is possible to fully control its entire content, from texts on single pages through product types and product photos.

PHP framework Nette is main used technology, in which the entire application is written. Data are stored in the MySQL database and HTML5 technology is used in the visual part of the website together with Bootstrap CSS framework. All cascading styles written in SASS are compiled and minified.

Web is responsive to the Bootstrap framework, so pages can be viewed on any of your favorite devices (desktop, tablet, or mobile).

Realization: April 2016



Application Reactrum is the result of my semester project from the subject of Advanced Web Application in master studies at the Technical University of Liberec.

Realization: November 2016 - January 2017

Theater J.J. Kolár

Theater J.J. Kolar

New web sites for theater J.J. Kolar at TJ Sokol Ponikla.

Realization: 2015

Website Screenshot Maker

Website Screenshot Maker

Server application for parallel rendering of websites with multiple rendering engines. Website Screenshot Maker is the result of my term project in master study at the Technical University of Liberec.

Realization: March - May 2015



Web application for presentaion of the Servier company on the exhibition.

The entire application is optimized for the touchscreen with a resolution of 1366 × 768 px. Applicatio uses advanced technology - HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The application consists of several sections that are informative in character for visitors to the exhibition.

Realization: April 2015

HTML5 Pexeso

HTML5 Pexeso

Web realization of the famous Pexeso game that you can play right on your internet site browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Realization: November 2014

Elections to the municipal council in Ponikla

Elections to the municipal council in Ponikla

Simple web presentation created for election to municipal council.

Realization: August 2014

Sport hall in Ponikla

Sport hall in Ponikla

It's a very simple online reservation system created as the semester project of WEAP (Web Application) course in a bachelor's degree program at the Technical University of Liberec.

Realization: April 2012

lectrical installation - Martin Junek

Electrical installation - Martin Junek

Martin Junek's website offers electric services.

Realization: November 2013

Visual tool for online database management

The visual tool for online database management is the result of my bachelor thesis. It's tool with visual user interface. You can use MySQL platform and allows you to edit database structures and links between them. Installation is very easy without the server-side configuration. The tool can work with any database server that can be located directly on the server where is app installed or you can user remote connection.

This tool is created as a lightweight against existing tool for database management. It contains a different way of authentication users and you can connect to more than one database throw only one web browser. The tool creates an intuitive visual database scheme showing all structures between the tables containes in the database.

Nette Framework

Server side is powered by PHP Nette Framework. The tool using another technologies as jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap 3 and javascript library JointJS for creating diagrams. The tool is created in responsive design, so is able run on each device with different resolution.

You can try demo with one simple default database.

Login to testing database:
User and password are the same: czvnposd

Realization: from November 2013 to May 2014

Earthworks - Pavel Tangelmayer

Earthworks - Pavel Tangelmayer

The web presentation of the private company Earthworks - Pavel Tangelmayer describes all the information about company offers.

All information displayed on web pages is stored statically. The Web has only informative character.

Realization: August 2012

ZS Ponikla

ZS Ponikla

This is the official site of the Elementary School in Ponikla, the Semily district capturing all the essentials concerning this school.

Nette Framework

The frontend part displays, for the most part, the data stored in the MySQL database via HTML5 and Bootstrap.

The backend part is administration system built on the requirements of the Nette.

Realization: February 2014

Stay in touch with me

Do not worry about any of your wishes and do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to answer.

606 839 782

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